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Water Heater Installations in Raleigh, NC

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If you're in Raleigh and considering installing a new water heater or replacing an old one, contact Michael & Son. We're experts in both traditional tank water heaters and tankless varieties, ensuring you get the best fit for your Raleigh residence.

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Why choose us for your water heater installation?

Many of us rarely give our water heaters a second thought until we face issues with our hot water supply or need a replacement. If you're planning to set up a new water heater in your Raleigh home or are considering replacing one over a decade old, Michael & Son is your go-to team. Our seasoned plumbers will understand your specific requirements and budget, guiding you to the ideal water heater for your home. We offer tank and tankless water heater options and expert advice. With Michael & Son, you can expect complimentary, no-commitment quotes on water heater installations, and most installations are wrapped up within 5 to 6 hours.


What's the cost of installing a water heater in Raleigh, NC?

The majority of water heater installations in Raleigh tend to fall within this price range:

  • Low $1,900
  • Our Average $3,200
  • High $8,000

Understanding Your Raleigh Water Heater Estimate with Michael & Son

  • Assessing Your Hot Water Needs: Every Raleigh household has unique hot water demands. We tailor our recommendations by considering the number of residents and the appliances you frequently use. While tankless water heaters promise a continuous flow of hot water, traditional tank heaters have a set gallon capacity. If uninterrupted long showers are your thing, a tankless model might be your match. But a tank heater might be more up your alley if you like to multitask with the dishwasher, laundry, and shower all at once.
  • Choosing the Right Water Heater: Choosing between a conventional tank water heater and a tankless one dramatically influences the installation cost. Although tankless heaters have a higher initial cost, their energy efficiency can lead to long-term savings.
  • Warranty Considerations: We believe in safeguarding your investment. Extended warranties on parts and labor ensure you're covered against unforeseen repairs, though they might slightly increase the initial estimate.


Your Raleigh Water Heater Setup in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Schedule your appointment

    Ready for a new tank or tankless water heater in your Raleigh residence? Call (919) 278-7841 or head to our online booking platform. Either way, our dedicated customer service team will pair you with a skilled plumber for your installation.

  2. A licensed HVAC technician from Michael & Son is enroute to a customer’s home.

    Get to know your expert plumber

    Trust is paramount. To ensure you're at ease, we'll send an email introducing your plumber, complete with their photo, a short introduction, and any pertinent certifications. Plus, expect a friendly reminder call a day before your scheduled visit.

  3. Choosing the right water heater

    Understanding your household's hot water consumption is key to picking the perfect water heater. After evaluating your needs, your plumber will recommend the ideal tank size or the benefits of a cutting-edge tankless model. Once you're on board with the choice and the provided estimate, we'll pencil in the installation, typically within 3-5 days post-consultation.

  4. Seamless installation

    Most of our installations are completed within a day. We've got you covered, from delivering your new heater and disposing of the old one to securing any necessary permits.

  5. Tell us about your experience

    Your feedback is invaluable. At the end of the task, our plumber will seek your insights. Let us know if there's any room for improvement or if you faced any hiccups. We're committed to making things right.

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