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Garbage Disposal Installations in Alexandria, VA

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Michael & Son has proudly served homeowners throughout the Northern Virginia area for over 40 years. Our experienced plumbers have earned a reputation for being reliable, honest, and helpful. Putting our customers first is our motto, so we'll always provide you with honest, upfront installation estimates, clear explanations, and excellent service. Call today to see why thousands of customers rate us a 5-star service company.


What's the cost of a garbage disposal installation in Alexandria?

The majority of garbage disposal installations in Alexandria tend to fall within this price range:

  • Low $570
  • Our Average $1,000
  • High $1,300

How Michael & Son determines your quote

  • The feed type. You have two types of disposals to choose from: a continuous feed or a batch feed disposal. The type of disposal you choose will impact your installation cost. Continuous feed disposals are more common and turn on and off with a switch on the wall. Due to their popularity, continuous feed disposals are less expensive to install. Batch feed disposals are considered "safer" to use because they require a stopper lid in order to turn on, but they're typically more expensive.
  • The size of the motor. Depending on the size of your garbage disposal's motor, measured in horsepower (HP), your installation costs can vary. The higher the HP of the garbage disposal, the more expensive it will cost to install. Motors with a range in the ⅓ and ½ for HP tend to be best for a household of 1-4 people and will be less expensive to install. However, you pay more for repairs down the line because smaller motors tend to jam more frequently. If you have a large household or know you'll use your garbage disposal a lot, we recommend getting a motor size between ¾ and 1 HP for smoother operation.
  • The type of steel used. Most manufacturers make garbage disposals with either stainless steel or galvanized steel. The type of steel you choose will impact your installation costs. Stainless steel disposals are more expensive to install. However, if you use your garbage disposal frequently, stainless steel disposals are a great choice because they are more durable. Galvanized steel garbage disposals are acceptable for most households and are less expensive to install. However, they are more prone to corrosion and rusting, so you might pay more in repair and replacement costs over the disposal's lifetime.


4 simple steps to your garbage disposal installation

  1. Conveniently schedule your garbage disposal installation

    Call 703-289-0565 or use our easy online scheduler to get the ball rolling on your garbage disposal installation. Our customer service specialists will assign one of our expert plumbers to perform your installation.

  2. Meet your expert plumber

    We want you to feel comfortable with the plumber we're sending to your home before they arrive. So, we'll send you an email with your plumber's name, photo, bio, and any relevant trade licenses. We'll also give you a brief courtesy call the day before the appointment so you can prepare.

  3. Have your garbage disposal installed

    To find the ideal garbage disposal for your home, we'll discuss your household's size, usage, and safety concerns with you. From there, your plumber will make installation recommendations. Once we've finalized which garbage disposal you want and you've signed off on the estimate, we'll schedule an installation appointment. We can generally install your garbage disposal in just a day.

  4. Let us know how we did

    Your opinion matters to us—and we mean it. Our plumbers will always request feedback from you at the end of every job. We want to know if the job was a huge success or if there was something we could've done better. We'll do everything we can to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your service.

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