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Furnace Repairs in Baltimore, MD

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Why choose us for your furnace repair?

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our furnaces. That is until something happens or the seasons change, and we depend on them to keep us warm and comfortable. And in Baltimore, MD, where winters are cold and windy, you'll want a fast and reliable repair if your furnace breaks down. Michael & Son has repaired furnaces of all makes and models throughout north-central Maryland for over 40 years. Whether your furnace won't turn on, is blowing cold air, making strange noises, or worse, our team of qualified, experienced, NATE-certified HVAC technicians can be there quickly to diagnose and repair your system.


What's the cost to repair a furnace in Baltimore?

The majority of furnace repairs in Baltimore tend to fall within this price range:

  • Low $59
  • Our Average $420
  • High $850

How Michael & Son determines your repair quote

  • We look at what's wrong with the unit. The factor that will likely have the biggest impact on the cost of your furnace repair is the parts that need to be repaired. Of course, the more expensive the part is, the more your repair will cost.
  • We estimate the amount of time for a job. Once your tech has identified the problem with the furnace, they'll tally up the estimated work hours and the cost of all replacement parts. The more work needed for a repair will require more labor, costing you more for your repair. For example, replacing the coils inside your furnace could take up to 4 hours. While repairing an ignitor, one of the more common issues on a furnace may require only an hour to fix.
  • We look at the status of a system's warranties. If your furnace’s manufacturer’s warranty is still valid, your repair will cost less. Check with the manufacturer of your furnace. Usually, the warranty lasts up to 10 years and covers certain parts and repair costs. Remember that a manufacturer’s warranty may not cover the labor cost.


Your furnace repair in 4 easy steps

  1. Schedule your repair

    It's easy to schedule a furnace repair with Michael & Son. To start, just give us a call at (410) 929-7190, or schedule your appointment online. Our customer service team will assign a trained NATE-certified technician to your furnace repair.

  2. Meet your technician

    We want you to feel comfortable with the technician entering your home and servicing your furnace. That's why, before your furnace repair, we'll email you some information about your technician, including a photo and a few interesting facts about them.

  3. We repair your furnace

    Our technicians arrive fully equipped with all the tools and parts they'll need to complete your furnace repair project. They also come equipped with shoe covers and drop cloths to protect your flooring when they're in your home. If the repair runs smoothly, you can expect us to be in and out within an hour or two.

  4. Let us know how we did

    Before your technician leaves, they'll ask you to leave feedback regarding your experience with Michael & Son. If you weren't happy for whatever reason, let us know so we can correct the issue.

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