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Main Water Line Repairs & Replacements in Wilmington, NC

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Water lines allow us to enjoy fresh water at the turn of a tap. While most water lines work perfectly for years, various problems can occur and leave you and your family without access to clean water. When that happens, you can always depend on Michael & Son for speedy water line repairs in Wilmington, NC.

  • 99% of repairs completed the same day
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Upfront, honest pricing

Service Details

Why choose us for your main water line repairs and replacements?

When water leaks begin to threaten the integrity of your home or business, a professional water line repair is necessary. At Michael & Son, we know that main water line issues can't wait. Call us today if you notice issues such as discolored water, rust and corrosion, a sudden drop in water pressure, wet spots on your floor, or higher-than-usual water bills. We always provide fast, 24/7 service throughout Wilmington and the surrounding areas. You can trust our licensed plumbers will do the job right the first time around, no matter the issue. Take it from the 3,000+ 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook–we'll have your water back on in no time.


What's the cost to repair or replace a main water line in Wilmington?

The majority of main water line repairs/replacements in Wilmington tend to fall within this price range:

  • Low $3,000
  • Our Average $5,000
  • High $12,500

How Michael & Son determines your estimate

  • We determine the severity of the damage. In many instances, only part of the water line will be replaced. However, more extensive damage to your water line will increase repair costs. Tree roots, mineral build-up, and temperature changes can cause water line leaks. Additionally, blockages, corrosion, and soil conditions can impact the performance of your water lines. Our professionals will inspect your line and inform you before any work is done.
  • We locate the line. The deeper the line is located, or the more complex the line is to access, the more the repair or replacement will cost. Your job can cost more if obstacles near your line will take longer to work around, such as concrete patios, trees, or bushes.
  • We estimate the number of hours for the job. Once we know the cause and extent of the damage, we then determine the hours it will take to finish the job. That labor cost is clearly defined in the estimate we hand you.


Main Water Line Repair in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Make an appointment & get to know your plumber

    Michael & Son has two convenient ways to schedule: online or by phone when you call (910) 444-1644. Both options will put you in touch with our customer service department, which will schedule an appointment around your availability. Before your appointment, we'll email you your plumber's name, photo, a short bio, and a few fun facts about their background. That way, you can feel comfortable with who works in your home.

  2. We'll repair your main water line

    Your plumber will work quickly to inspect your main water line and determine the extent of the damage. Once the job is appropriately scoped, we'll review the estimate with you and either get the job started immediately or schedule a day/time to return.

  3. Give us your honest feedback!

    After the new water line is installed, it will be pressure-tested and verified. Once we're confident that your main water line is in perfect working condition, we'll request your feedback on the job. Your opinion sincerely matters to us. If the job wasn't up to your standards, we promise we'll do everything to make it right.

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