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Furnace Installations in Richmond, VA

Richmond’s Furnace Replacement Specialists Since 1976

Is your existing furnace racking up jaw-dropping repair bills again and again? Do some rooms in your home fail to get warm no matter what temperature you set the thermostat to? You don’t have to put up with that. Call Michael & Son, and we’ll send one of our furnace specialists to your home to size a new furnace and share a variety of furnace models that meet your comfort needs and budget. We offer excellent financing options and extended warranties, and just about every furnace replacement we perform is completed in just one day!

  • 0% interest financing options
  • NATE-certified technicians
  • A fleet of over 500 service vehicles ready to serve you

Service Details

Why choose Michael & Son for your furnace installation

If you live in Richmond and you’re considering replacing your furnace, you can’t go wrong with Michael & Son. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the highest-rated furnace installers in the local area, with thousands of 5-star reviews and counting. We’ve been installing furnaces in homes across Richmond for over 45 years, longer than just about any other HVAC contractor in the local area. And when it comes to integrity, we’re second to none, ready to bring professional service and incredible value at a great price every time. Michael & Son has partnered with Carrier to install some of the highest-rated furnace models at the lowest possible prices. And many of our models are incredibly energy-efficient, keeping your home toasty warm while keeping your energy bills low, low, low!


What's the cost to replace a furnace in Richmond, VA?

A furnace replacement in Richmond typically falls within this price range:

  • Low $4,800
  • Our Average $5,800
  • High $8,000

How Michael & Son determines your estimate

  • We perform a load calculation: A load calculation is a method of gauging the tonnage size of your new furnace. During a load calculation, your expert will look at things like your home’s square footage, the number of rooms, insulation, windows, and outdoor shading. The result is a furnace size that perfectly matches your home’s comfort needs. And while a furnace’s cost increases with its tonnage, you wouldn’t want a furnace that’s too small for your home!
  • We ask about your comfort needs: Finding the right furnace isn’t just about size. It’s about you, too! For instance, do you want to pay as little as possible per month on energy bills? In that case, you’ll want to pay more upfront for one of our high-efficiency furnace models. Looking for great flexibility in how rooms are heated? A home zoning solution may be perfect.
  • How much protection do you want?: We present both standard and extended warranty choices for parts and labor. While these extended warranties add to the overall cost, many homeowners in Richmond love the extra protection and the significantly reduced repair bills when something inevitably goes wrong. Many consider it a down payment on their peace of mind, and hey, we like the sound of that, too!


Enjoy a 5‑star furnace replacement in Richmond in five steps

  1. Book your free estimate

    Begin your furnace installation journey by booking a free estimate with us. Simply dial (804) 465-6453 or use our online scheduling platform. Our friendly team at Michael & Son will connect you with a seasoned comfort engineer to guide you through the process.

  2. Get convenient reminders and text notifications

    On the day of your free estimate, we'll send you an email or text with the name, a photo, and all the relevant credentials of your comfort engineer. That way, you know who to look for when they arrive!

  3. Select the right furnace for your home

    The mission of our comfort engineer is to find a furnace that meets your comfort needs without costing you an arm and a leg. They'll conduct an efficient load calculation to gauge system size. From here, they'll weigh your financial considerations and comfort requirements, then show you a number of systems they believe are a good fit for your home, ranging from standard to premium options.

  4. Enjoy a picture-perfect furnace installation

    With Michael & Son, you're assured of a top-tier installation by our licensed and insured HVAC specialists. Our team is meticulous, ensuring every step, from unboxing your new furnace to the final system check, is executed flawlessly. We're committed to your 100% satisfaction.

  5. Share your feedback with us

    We'll touch base post-installation to ensure you're satisfied with our service. We value your insights and are always ready to address any questions or concerns. If something isn't quite right, we're on standby to make it perfect.

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