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Heat Pump Repairs in Norfolk, VA

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Professional heat pump repairs in Norfolk, VA

Heat pumps are strong and reliable, but that doesn't mean they're immune from damage or wear and tear. As with anything mechanical, parts of your heat pump can wear out, connections can come loose, and parts can fail over time. When that happens, give Michael & Son a call. We offer fast, same-day service and 24/7 support to our Norfolk customers. Our licensed and insured technicians are also NATE-certified, which means they ensure the highest quality repair work for every job. When your heating system goes down, there's nothing more important than hiring a prompt, reputable, and trustworthy contractor for repairs. Call Michael & Son today.


What's the cost of repairing a heat pump in Norfolk?

A heat pump repair in Norfolk, VA typically falls within this price range:

  • Low $89
  • Our Average $450
  • High $900

How Michael & Son determines your repair quote

  • The cost of any needed replacement part(s). The more replacement parts are needed for your repair, the more the repair will cost. Additionally, the more complex those parts are, the more they typically cost. More common parts have reasonable repair prices. But as your heat pump ages, complex parts start to fail, and the price of replacing these parts starts to add up.
  • The amount of labor required. The more labor-intensive the repair, the higher the overall cost. You’re essentially paying for a certified HVAC technician’s skill set, experience, and training. That’s why it’s important to choose a contractor who is experienced, NATE-certified, and knowledgeable about your particular heat pump model. You won’t have much control over how much labor your repair requires. However, you DO have control over the quality of the technician/contractor that you choose.
  • The status of a system's warranties. If your labor or manufacturer's warranty is still valid (or better yet, if both are still valid), your out-of-pocket costs for your heat pump repair will be much lower.


Your Norfolk heat pump repair in 4 simple steps

  1. Schedule your repair

    It's easy to schedule a heat pump repair with Michael & Son. Call us at (757) 541-8100 or use our easy online scheduling form. Both options will put you in touch with our customer service department, which will schedule your repair.

  2. Find out who your tech will be

    The day before the appointment, Michael & Son will call to confirm your service appointment and email your technician's bio, photo, relevant trade licenses, and a fun fact about their background. We always want our customers to feel comfortable with the technician entering their homes.

  3. We'll repair your heat pump

    When your NATE-certified technician arrives at your Norfolk home, they'll have everything they need to complete the job. They will come with replacement parts and components, shoe covers, and drop cloths to protect your flooring.

  4. Let us know how we did

    We want you to have a great experience with Michael & Son. That's why all our technicians will ask you for your feedback as they finish the job. This feedback helps us become a better company. And if something goes wrong, it gives us a chance to correct our mistakes.

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