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Heat Pump Repairs in Hyattsville, MD

Hyattsville’s Heat Pump Repair Experts Since 1976

Thousands of homeowners in Hyattsville put their trust in Michael & Son every year for their heat pump repairs. And with some of the fastest response times and best customer service in town, it’s easy to see why. Michael & Son keeps it honest by promising upfront and fixed-price quotes for every repair. And we repair just about every brand and model found in Hyattsville homes today. So if you’re ready to repair that heat pump, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re on the way!

Service Details

Why choose Michael & Son for your heat pump repair

Michael & Son receives hundreds of reviews every year from happy customers. Read enough of them and you’ll learn quite quickly why we’re their first call when something goes wrong with their heat pump. They love how friendly and knowledgeable our technicians are. And they’re grateful that we arrive on time, every time. They respect our opinions during their diagnostic visits. And they appreciate the transparency of our invoices. It also doesn’t hurt that we finish 99% of repair calls in one visit to their homes and that we service just about every heat pump brand and model around. So if you need a heat pump repair and you need it done fast, and done right, trust Hyattsville’s highest-rated home service team, Michael & Son!


What's the cost to repair a heat pump in Hyattsville, MD?

A heat pump repair in Hyattsville typically falls within this price range:

  • Low $89
  • Our Average $1,000
  • High $2,000

How Michael & Son determines your repair quote

  • Replacement parts: Not all repairs require replacement parts. And in many cases, the parts that need to be replaced aren’t too expensive to take care of. Only rarely do major components on a heat pump fail, and that’s usually after the manufacturer’s warranty falls off (on average, that’s about 10 years).
  • Labor required: Contractors have a pretty good idea of how long a certain heat pump repair will take. And they bake that labor charge into the repair before handing you a quote. Michael & Son does this too, but we make sure these charges are completely transparent. In addition, our quotes are fixed-price, meaning we’ll never charge you more if we go over hours.
  • Warranty coverage: The active status of your heat pump's warranties can significantly influence your repair costs. If your system's labor or manufacturer's warranty remains in effect, you will likely see reduced repair charges. Not sure if your system is under warranty


Enjoy a 5‑star heat pump repair in Hyattsville in four steps

  1. Book your diagnostic visit

    Our customer service team is ready to book your repair. All you need to do is give us a call at (240) 244-9963 or use our online schedule request form. Michael & Son has some of the fastest response times in Hyattsville, so you can expect prompt service when you book your repair service with us!

  2. Get convenient reminders and text notifications

    If your home is as hot as an oven or as cold as an icebox, chances are you’ll remember when your service visit is down to the minute. But just in case you forget, we provide a convenient call reminder on the day of your service to help you out. We even provide your technician’s name, photo, and bio in an email so you know exactly who’s arriving at your home.

  3. Enjoy a same-day repair and exceptional service

    When your NATE-certified technician arrives at your Hyattsville home, they'll have everything they need to complete the job. That includes shoe covers and drop cloths to protect your flooring while they're in your home, and hundreds of different parts covering a huge variety of brands and models.

  4. Let us know how we did

    Your feedback matters to us because we want to feel certain we did everything we could for you. If your repair didn’t go as planned, give us a call, and we’ll send someone back to make things right.

Need Your Heat Pump Repaired? We’re On the Way!