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Experience the Convenience of a Reliable Charging Solution at Your Home or Business

We understand the growing demand for sustainable transportation and the need for efficient EV charging infrastructure. With our expertise in electrical services and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner in bringing the future of transportation to your doorstep.

Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of EV charger installations. We take pride in delivering high-quality installations using top-of-the-line equipment, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your EV charging needs. Whether you own a Tesla, Nissan, BMW, or any other electric vehicle brand, we have the expertise to install the appropriate charging solution for your specific make and model. From assessing your electrical system compatibility to selecting the right charging solution, our experts will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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What's the cost to install an electric vehicle charger?

When it comes to installing an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) charger in your home, several factors contribute to the overall cost. At Michael & Son Services, we believe in transparency and providing you with a comprehensive understanding of these factors to help you make an informed decision.

  • Low $700
  • Our Average $1,500
  • High $3,500

While most EVSE installations will fall in this price range, it's important to remember there are other factors that may increase the cost of installing your charging system.

For a limited time, we're offering $200 OFF EV Charger Installation - schedule today and save!

How we determine the cost of installing your electric vehicle charging system:

  1. Electrical Panel Capacity: The capacity of your existing electrical panel plays a crucial role. If your panel has sufficient capacity to handle the additional load of an EV charger, the installation process becomes simpler and more cost-effective. However, if an upgrade or replacement is required to accommodate the charger, it may impact the overall cost.
  2. Distance and Wiring: The proximity of the charging location to your electrical panel affects the cost. Longer distances and complex wiring routes may require additional materials and labor, potentially increasing the installation expenses.
  3. Charger Type and Features: The price of the EV charger itself can vary based on factors such as brand, charging capacity, and additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity or smart charging capabilities. Higher-end chargers with advanced functionalities might come at a higher price point.
  4. Permitting and Code Compliance: Obtaining necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local electrical codes are essential for a safe and reliable installation. Permit fees and any required electrical upgrades to meet code standards may contribute to the overall cost.
  5. Installation Complexity: Each home's electrical setup is unique, and the complexity of the installation can affect the price. Factors like the need for trenching, additional conduits, or custom mounting solutions may add to the overall complexity and cost of the project.

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